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Hear Res 1985;20(3):261-5

Quisqualate excites spiral ganglion neurons of the guinea pig.

Jenison GL, Bobbin RP

The effects of quisqualate on primary afferent auditory neurons were examined by comparing the unit activity of guinea pig spiral ganglion neurons before, during, and after the infusion of artificial perilymph containing 1 mM quisqualate into the basal turn scala tympani. In 10 of 13 preparations quisqualate infusion increased unit activity above baseline rates established prior to infusion while control infusions of quisqualate-free artificial perilymph had no appreciable influence on the unit activity of four preparations. Postexcitatory depression typically followed peak evoked excitation, but no purely inhibitory responses were observed. Postexcitatory depression developed into a temporary cessation of spike production in three cases, suggesting depolarization blockade had developed; however, all of these preparations gradually regained some degree of spontaneous unit activity following the termination of quisqualate infusion. Quisqualate-induced excitation may be attributable to the activation of receptors for the afferent neurotransmitter released by hair cells. This interpretation is consistent with our working hypothesis that the primary afferent neurotransmitter is L-glutamate or a structural analog of this excitatory amino acid.

PMID: 3910631, UI: 86111355

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