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Drawings: S. Blatrix; Pictures : M. Lavigne-rebillard


Stria vascularis
The stria vascularis forms the lateral wall of the cochlear duct. Rich in capillary vessels, the stria is composed of 3 types of cells: the marginal, intermediate and basal cells. Marginal cells bordering the cochlear duct play a key role in endolymph formation.

On the left, a schematic representation of the cochlear duct (2) limited by the organ of corti, the Reissner's membrane (1) and the stria vascularis (3).

On the right, TEM montage from a human stria vascularis showing :
1- Piece of Reissner membrane.

2- Marginal cells.
3- Basal cells.
4- Blood capillaries

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