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- first version (1999)
Scientific concept and Project Manager:
Rémy Pujol
Web design, original drawings: Stéphan Blatrix
Technical supervision technique, Webmaster: Thierry Pujol

Editing work: Ruth Lloyd Faulconbridge
From an original idea of Daniel Bertrand, Genova University (Switzerland)

- updates
Assistants: Valérie Réclar-Enjalbert (2002-2003), Elsa Bonnet (2007)
Designer assistant : Patrick Minary

with the scientific collaboration of co-workers ...
M. Eybalin, M. Lavigne-Rebillard, M. Lenoir, J.L. Puel, G. Rebillard, J. Ruel, N. Trigueiros-Cunha, J. Wang
INSERM Unit 254
(up to 2002), now
INSERM Unit 583 (team: Physiologie et physiopathologie de l'oreille interne)
they have significantly contributed to the scientific content and provided most of illustrations

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