Non-Primary or Reticular Auditory Pathways

After the reticular formation, the non-primary pathway leads to the thalamus, then to the polysensory cortex.
NB : connections are also made with the hypothalamus and the vegetative centres (not shown on the diagram)
In the reticular pathway of the brainstem and the mesencephalus, several synapses occur. It's here that the auditory information is integrated with all the other sensory modalities to be 'triaged' into which has the highest priority at any given moment. In other words, the reticular pathways participate with the wake and the motivation centres in selectioning the information that should be treated as priority by the brain.
The primary relay, in common with the primary auditory pathway formed in the cochlear nuclei (brainstem). From the bulbar nuclei, the small fibers rejoin the ascending reticular pathway.